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Red rumped Parrot
Red Rumped is distributed through southern and eastern Australia and measures about 27cm. In much of psittaciformes is easy to distinguish male from female, because the male has much brighter colors than the female, and it can also be distinguished by having red tail, where the male is much stronger, this if the female also has. Socially, it is preferable that these birds are bred in pairs. Though they are tame birds, sometimes with others of the same species they become especially aggressive in breeding season. Although there are many people who breed them in many couples together. They are birds that love to fly, so one should not stay in small spaces, the length being more important than width. They are birds that also adapt well to cold, although if in outdoor enclosures should always have shelter. As for food, eat mixture for parakeets and also enjoy sunflower seeds, although this should not be given in large quantities because it makes them fat. It can be played with the living space: if the space is very large and they can exercise, you may give a little more. At the time of breeding you must give them more food with eggs. Regarding the breeding, this type of parakeets are easier to breed, having more than one pregnancy per season. Red Rumped usually does its own nest, and one should put something on the bottom of the nest. The average number of eggs layed is between 4 and 6 that the female hateches for about 19 days. When the offspring are fully raised, must be separated, because sometimes their presence is not welcomed by the male. Another characteristic is that the Red Rumped, because they are excellent farmers, are also widely used as adoptive parents because they incubate and care for other eggs of similar Australians with no problem. This beautiful and popular bird is usually quiet and has a very melodic and nice chantand, a funny whistle that humans can easily imitate and they like to be challenged by us with those whistles. In regard of mutations, in addition to yellow and pastel shades, there are others with different colors of tan, blue, green, lutino, spotted ...

These moderate-sized parrots approximate 25 - 28cm (10 - 11.2 in) in length.


Plumage is a bright emerald-green with yellow underparts. The male is a darker green on the back with a bright green covering the head, chest and upper tail coverts.
Brick-red rump and blue highlights on the wings and upper back.
The underbelly of both sexes is yellow but more pronounced on the male Red Rump Parakeets. The eyes are dark and the legs are flesh colored.
There is a blue suffusion on the mantle and primary wing coverts and a bright red rump on the male birds.

The female´s plumage is mainly a dull green, with pale olive underparts, dull green wings and back and blue-black wingtips.
The characteristic red rump is only found in the male.

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Red-rumped Parrot
Psittaciformes >
Red rumped Parrot
Red Rump Opalino Azul
Red rumped Parrot
Psittaciformes >
Red rumped Parrot
Red Rump Opalino